200 Calorie Breakfast Ideas

Ever pondered on the word breakfast? It means breaking a fast. Since the last thing you do before breakfast is sleep. A long time passes without you eating food when you are asleep hence the name breakfast. Breakfast is very important for health and your priority in the morning should be to consume proper and healthy breakfast, because then your body can kick start a very energetic day.

Good breakfast is responsible for preventing people to eat extra throughout the day. It fights your craving for high carb and sugar content for the rest of the day. It also gives a boost to your metabolism which can help you in doing more activity through the day without feeling lazy or devoid of energy. So more energy means more body exercise, which is a great way of losing weight. Either way skipping breakfast should not be an option.

The most common breakfast eaten throughout the world is eggs, not only they are rich in proteins, but they are low in calories. Try making an omelet with a lot of vegetable and use as little oil as possible. The eggs could be scrambled or hard boiled, what you eat should be up to your liking and preference. Go to the internet, surf online and find the perfect low calorie omelet recipe or you can make your own with a mix of your favorite ingredients.

You must have heard your grandma advising you to eat oatmeal in breakfast because of its nutritious value. It’s time to stop ignoring her and appreciate the low calorie goodness. Try making your own oatmeal without any sugar, don’t worry you can add honey later. If it’s still not sweet enough for you, you can always add delicious raspberries on any other fruit of your liking. It’s all about substituting healthy alternatives in your breakfast.

The Choices

Yogurt is always a very healthy and delicious option for breakfast. Don’t add sugar and eat it with fruits. If you are running late and don’t have time to sit and eat, you can always put these ingredients in a blender and sip the smoothie on your way out.

If you are a bread lover and want to have your typical breakfast of jam and toast, switch to a healthy alternative of whole meal bread and try replacing jam with honey, the combination is super delicious and is low in calories and beneficial for health.

There are many people who don’t have an appetite early in the morning which makes them skip breakfast. Instead of skipping and starving till lunch, you can eat light breakfasts.

You can make fresh juices of oranges, apple, peach etc. These juices are very refreshing and they also provide the body the energy it needs throughout the day.

So be creative when it comes to your breakfast, pick some low calorie foods and transform it into a healthy breakfast. Which will not only be healthy but it will help you in reaching your dream reduced weight without any extreme measures.

Baked Peach Pancake

The recipe is just like you would make any pancake of yours by the use of the eggs and the flour, after getting the base of the pancake simply fill your pan cake by the help of some peaches. Now the good point is that you can add the ham and bacon into it also if you will to, other than that for the people who have a sweet tooth they can try the option of having the cream or honey on this. It is great if you will to add some chocolate also into it.

Gluten-Free Breakfast Blintzes

It is also a great option if you have sweet tooth, you can try the readymade blintzes also, if you do not will to make them on your own, but if you want to make them by yourself also, then you should try having them with the mud made before and make sure you leave that for a little bit of time also so that they can get a well shape also as when cooked they should taste sound also. Now for the extra dressing you can always choose the berries that are ether frozen, fresh or canned. The benefit o the canned ones are that they also give you a little bit of syrup in which they come in there packing, so you can also use that as a side sauce for yourself.


This is one of the most common items that Is found in the daily breakfast all you have to do is just have them boiled, and the if you like you can use the low fat cream or the low milk in them, and add a little sprinkle of the cinnamon or the crushed chocolate also. You can eat it warmed also, but if you like them it tastes great chilled also. Make sure that the grains you are using are whole grains as any other grains, ay increase the calories that you are not willing to have at all, so have sharp eye indeed also, on the meals that you are willing to enjoy in your breakfast time.

Cherry Yogurt

This is indeed super easy to make and on the other hand it is super great in tasting also, all you need are the simple yet refreshing things for having your own version, just have a small cup of the yogurt you can try the Greek one also, whisk it a little bit, and then crush the cherries a little bit and add in to this, you will have to have it a little bit chilled as it tastes great this way. Other than the cherries you can also try other berries like as the blue berries the raspberries also, as the recipe is just like a two minute recipe that can be made very quickly by you, and also it can be a dessert alternate for the guests also. The version for the kids can be served with some chocolate chips and colorful sprinkle on the top also.

Mini Ham

Baked or made on the stove all version of the ham are always very mouth watering so there is no doubt that you should skip a meal that has got the ham into it, as that is obviously the best thing you can have in your breakfast. Try having it with some Swiss cheese and of course low in fat as this will not put any barrier between you and your weight loss regime all over. The good thing about them is that they are low In fat always. you can also roll them in the cheese an lightly fry the,, but make sure that the ham is already cooked, this way less oil will be used and due to which there will be lesser calories at your hand also. Surely they will be the first to disappear on the table, the hot oil will just make the cheese melt so there is no way that you should worry as they are super yummy and good for health also.

Bread Pizza

They are simple yet very tasty to make, you can use anything that you lie for the, like as from the cheese to the different meats along with the veggies that you like. First just grill the bread and then put the meat pieces or the ham, or bacon or small pieces of the chicken breast onto that now place some veggies, the most well to use are the peppers and the tomatoes, now cover that with the shredded cheese, now bake that for 3 to 6 minutes and take out your mini bread pizzas are ready. You can have them as snacks also, as they are very nutritious also, and also low in the calories also, you can try to use the olive oil also if you will to have some great taste factor in them.


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