200 Calorie Salads

When you want to lose weight and commit to a diet plan, you start researching which plan is the best of you. You must’ve noticed that in almost all of the diet plans, eating a salad is a must.

Some diets only consist of eating salads throughout the day. The question is why? It’s because salads contains green leafy vegetables and other healthy ingredients. They are low in calories and fat but also high in fiber. Overall it’s very beneficial. All of these things combined helps in weight loss in a healthier way.

If you are following a diet plan in which you are taking proper low calorie healthy meals, then you can eat salads whenever you feel hungry, because it is important not to starve, which can actually pose a negative effect on your health.

Salads are typically a mix of many ingredients with some kind of topping or none at all. It always depends on what you prefer. Pick out your favorite vegetables and make a healthy salad out of it. Use your mind and imagination in making new, interesting and delicious salads.

There are many low calorie salads which are popular among people who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, those salads are discussed further.

Incorporate as much as green leafy vegetable in your salad like cauliflower, cabbage, ice berg lettuce (a favorite in salads), broccoli, herbs etc. These are all very nutritious and low in calories.

You also have an option of putting colorful vegetables which are full of fiber and antioxidants carrots, tomatoes, onion, radishes and many other vegetables you like.

If you don’t want your salads to just be made of vegetables and you crave protein, then no problem mushrooms, boiled chicken, shrimp, prawns can be incorporated to make your salad delicious. Just make sure that they are cooked without any grease or oil.

Olives due to its nutrition and good taste is a part of almost every salad. If you want to take a break from all those vegetables and have a desire to eat something different, then chick peas can be your savior in the time of hunger. They are perfect for salads and low in calories. White beans, green beans are also another good option.

It is not necessary that your salad should be made of non-sweet ingredients. Fruits are always a healthy and enjoyable option. They can be eaten separately or mixed altogether in a salad. You can also mix fruits with vegetable and have a balanced salad in taste and nutrition.

After you mix all those healthy ingredients together, you can just it eat like that or you can drizzle some dressing on top of it to have a scrumptious taste. Olive oil and salt is the basic dressing in a salad, but you can always switch it up according to your preference. Another option is of mustard, honey and balsamic dressing for a sweet tongue. If you want to have something tangy, just squirt lemon all over your salad but another yummy alternative is grapefruit, because citrus and salads are a perfect combination.

So eat healthy, lose weight and enjoy munching different salads

Talking about the low calorie diet this is really very important that we should know that this is really very important that in all the diet and all the plans that you should consider for the low calorie meals and the pans that can surely help you for the matter of the getting right figure and right posture all over also.

So when you are considering to have the low calorie meal plans this is also very vital that you should have the right snacking and the right kind of the salad items that you can choose as when you are feeling a little bit of hungry as such things would be really very helpful for the matter of you making the right road towards the healthy body and the healthy meals selection of yours.

Here are some advices tips and tricks that you can select from while you are looking for making any 200 calorie salads as the right selection of the food is really important if you want to have the right results from your selections.

So read on.

The Season:


This is very important that you should just got make yourself stick to one plan as the season has got so many different things and flavors that are very good for the health form the nutritional point of view when you are actually willing to have the right amount of the calories in your meals all day.

This trick is pretty simple as you can make the very well se of the fresh veggies and the fresh fruits that are currently in the season to go hand in hand with you.

The Grill:

Gone are the days when you cannot make the use of the grill for making your salads as this is the simple way in which you can have the lowest of the calories. By the grilling you use lesser oil and the calories get in the lower.  If you like then you can choose the olive oil for that also, as this is very healthy too.

You can grill the veggies and the meat for your salads also, now days there are many spices that can bring the smoky and the tiny flavor also, so keep in your mind that having the salads is not a very bad thing for you.

Here I am going to share some recipes with you that will surely blow your mind.

The Grilled Chicken Salad:

It is very easy to make plus you can use the chunks from day to day also,  as you can keep that in your fridge and the next day you can make its use also. Now on the other hand you will need.

Chicken breasts

Fresh veggies 3 to 4 of completely your choice

Olive oil

Soy sauce

Sesame seeds

And if you like then you can try the sauces also, as they are completely great to try too.

First of all make the chicken tender and marinade this all over other than that use the marinating, now you are ok with this. Start the grill and grill the pieces one they are cook let them cool and move towards making the right chunks and pieces of the chicken, and then add them to the already cut pieces of the veggies on your hand also.

Now toss add the vinegar and cook them all over also.

The Low Calorie Fish Salad:

It is totally high in protein and less in the calorie count so you can chose that once in a week also, make sure to flavor it well with the added fish in to this:

You will need

Fish steaks

Salads readymade will also work

Soy sauce

Sesame seeds

Slices of white bread

Now roast the slices and cook the fish

You can boil that but grilling is also an good option now move on to making the salad of yours.

Now add the seasoning into it and cook further.

Once it is totally cooked add these chunks in to your salad and move forward to adding the seasoning, if you like then you can also add the lemon juice with the vinegar into it as that totally well tastes also.

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