8 Dinners Under 200 Calories

When you are willing to lose some weight or if you are just willing to look better in the appearance of yours than the simple solution is that you should do a little bit effort that will help you in order to achieve the goal that you are willing to get. It is the simple moths that you will have to look for, as there are many ways in which you can get rid of your extra weight, or also you can try some diet plans also.

Talking about the diet plans know this that by the help of the low calorie meals you can do so, even if you want to lose weight or if just want to look better in the posture. Just select that what you will have and the see the magic of having lesser calories in your diet that will help you in order to get a posture of your own choice, here are some recipes that will help you to select the dinners under 200 calories.

Well while making the selection of the dinners for your part you can simply select too many things for you that you can try many things, as there are many options that you can consider from also, plus keep this thing in your mind that you can choose almost any low fat and low in the calorie readymade item that is very well easy for you to make.

There are also many other options that you can consider from, but here we are giving you the ideas that you can simply use for making the 8 dinner under 200 calories.

Oatmeal with fruit


Using the oatmeal while you are willing to use the low calorie meals that can be used for the low calorie diet that you are planning for eating. On the other hand there are many options that can be considered for having your diet also. Try not using the canned foods. As they are fully filled with the sugars that are not at all good for your health, on the other hand you can try using the fresh fruits that are very well for the use of the low calorie meals.

Bread and dip


This is very common, even if you are willing to have the snacking on your side also, other than this you can make the dressings and the salads on your own also as they are all over great in the matter of trying at time also. Such as using the fresh veggies are very well in the sense of making your dip, you can cook them with salt and pepper and then mash them, or process them in the purifier also, on the other hand you can try to bake the veggies and then use the in the processor with the addition of few drops of vinegar as this can also lead you for the weight loss actually too.

Roasted chicken with peppers


This is actually very easy to make among the 8 dinners under 200 calories, you can simply use the boneless meat of the chicken for making this or can also use the whole chicken for this, and then roast that in your oven with the gas or of the electric conduction. If you are willing to marinate then use the Quakers oats as they are very low in the calories and also they are very quick in making. Trying some egg spread with the roasted chicken is also a very good idea to try.


Spanish style prawns


Large meaty prawns are very good for trying in this dish, you can steam them also. Use the paprika powder to add the sourly taste in them, as you can also add the dressing and seasoning of your own choice into it also. This dish is very low in the count of the calories, if you like then you can also store this in your fridge. Try using the homemade tomato sauce with this dish of your as avoiding the canned products is very better when you are willing to go on a diet that is particularly low in the count of the calories.


Baked aubergine


It may sound odd but it is very easy to make, as once you put it in the oven no need to have a look again and again just simply have your dish out in the counter and have it served also. They actually have a filing that is according to me very meaty also. Also they are fully filling for the dinner you can change the seasoning according to your taste also.


Chinese vegetable chow mein


Yummy, very good choice for all the veggies out there, the plus point is that you can have the veggies and the boodles prepared before hand and then use them when you are just giving a flame as that turns out to be very good for your all over diet in the matter of getting in the perfect shape that you require. Try using the oyster sauce for making the unique taste in your chow mein.


Butternut squash and spinach tortilla


It is not that much difficult to make as it sounds as all you have to do is just simple make the sauce first and afterwards you can simply have the dish at your hand also. The squash and the spinach are a very good choice to consider in this dish, you can add the fresh leaves of the cabbage into it also, also they get cooked son so just lower the flame a little bit after adding them.


Roasted ratatouille

It is actually a five star dish that you can choose to make although it is not that much difficult to make also. The big chunks of the different veggies of your choice will actually taste very nice in the sauce of the tomato that you have to use in the making of this dish. You can cook this on the stove or you can also try to bake this, as all the veggies have to be cooked in the oven.

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