Snacks Under 200 Calories

This is a fact that even if we are on the plan to lose the weight or just are willing to tone up our body, so in the day time we actually face some of the cravings that we do need to satisfy also. Like as we get hungry and just want to chew and eat something that can tantalize our taste buds, so would it not be great if we just eat something that is not only great for the taste tantalizing but is also super healthy and is also in the calorie count lesser than those snacks that we usually carve.

Well the healthiest option in such things is the use of the natural foods and less processed foods as they carry lesser calories and more nutrition’s that can do actually a lot better to our bodies also, so read on and choose that what will you choose for yourself in order to satisfy your snacks cravings, as they can occur at any time of the day.

Nowadays there is a serious competition among people to look good, better than the others. Unfortunately a trend has been made, that whoever looks good, is obviously in a perfect shape and size. This has diverted majority of the people in the path of losing weight.

A common misconception is that starving is the best option to lose weight, although starving may help you in losing weight fast, but it has many negative effects on your health in the long run. It has been researched that the best way to lose weight is to maintain a proper healthy diet.

Starvation is certainly not a way to go, because when you starve, your body does not get enough energy from the food which you don’t have in your stomach to function so it starts breaking down the muscles of your body, after that it will turn towards breaking down the fat. So until you start to lose some fat the damage has been done, already. Also when you starve the body will try to lose less energy as possible, so your rate of metabolism will slow down. Which will make you feel lazy and without energy throughout the day.

Eat healthy meals regularly, if you feel hungry in between then don’t starve yourself and try eating snacks. It is a myth that eating snacks will make you lose fat, it will if you eat very high calorie foods, but if you stick to low calorie snacks then you will definitely see a difference in yourself. Healthy snacks can include fruit. Best weight reducing fruits are grapes, grapefruits, apples, avocados etc. If eating fruit is too boring for you then pick out your favorite fruits and make a fruit salad. Not only is this delicious but it’s full of nutrients. You can also eat fruits with yogurt. Strawberry, raspberries and mangoes are a great combination with yogurt.

Another healthy snack option is eating nuts like walnuts; almonds etc. make sure it is unsalted. If you are a chocolate lover then you can have un-sweetened dark chocolate as your snack, unbelievable right? Yes not only dark chocolate is full of antioxidants but it is healthy for your heart and it helps you to lose weight.

If you are craving for something dairy then Greek yogurt and cottage cheese can put a stop to your craving, they are low in calories and also full of protein and don’t forget delicious so it’s a win-win for all.

You are having a movie night and you are conscious about your weight don’t worry about eating popcorn lots of popcorn in oblivion while watching a very interesting movie because popcorns contains fiber, protein and the best of all it is low in calories. Try to eat the plain ones, because they would be the most beneficial for your health.

So if you want to lose weight fast, the trick is to avoid starvation and eat healthy snacks. Try to overcome your temptation to eat snacks which are high in sugar, fat or carbs. Maintain a healthy diet and losing weight would not seem such a daunting task after all.

Seedless Cucumber Slices With Low-Fat Cheese

It is great as the water content found in the cucumber is also very great to hydrate you, along with the fact that the juice of the cucumber is also very well in the sense of giving the skin a well pampering care and routine also, if you like then you can have this slice, or chew it as an apple also. Well it give it a little bit of spice you can add in the cowl of the cut cucumber slices the small chunks of the low fat cheese, as that will surely taste totally yum also. The simple tip is that you do not have to preset it, as soon as you cut the slices just eat them up as storing them might not be that many benefactions for you all over.

Nuts And Raw Veggies

It is also a great option, if you are just looking for something that is also nutritious and plus you do not will to spent some time in the kitchen for making your snack. You can salt the nuts also, as all over they are super crazy good for your health, you can try the option of the roasted veggies and nuts also, as they are very low in the calories and while you toast or roast them a sprinkle of the slat will make their taste like the heaven. Surely it is a sure thing to give a try although it is very less time consuming also. You can roast some veggie and when you will just microwave them and use them as your snack time all rounder, surely the addition of this with the almonds and walnuts is a great healthy option also.

Rice Crackers With Wasabi Peas

Rice crackers are also used in making some type of cakes and sweets also, as the fact is that they are just puffed so they do not carry much oils and calories with them, and this trait of theirs makes them really useable when it comes to the loosing of the weight or just if you are willing to tone up your body. You can try the rice crackers along with the dips like as salsa and hummus also, but using them with the wasabi beans is also a great option as this way you can have a small platter of snacks with you. If you like your snacks to be a little bit spicy then you can roast them again and add some salt and pepper in them also.

Popcorn Cakes

You can try there sweet and salty editions, as many people own a day try this option when they are willing to use snack that is sweet yet also creaky so this can be very well for you also. On the other hand make sure that you do not over eat them, as the over of everything can lead to having the side effects instead of having the benefits all over, you can simply make these cakes at your own home also, if you are in to the process of the cooking as if you like them. You can cook them in home, and make sure that after opening each packet if there is let some you pack that air tight as with the humidity they get sticky instead of remaining the crunchy.

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese With Strawberries

The berries are a great way of making your snack time healthy, and surely there is no doubt when you team that up with the very healthy cottage cheese also, some people often do not like the taste of strawberries and the cottage but you can interchange with the berries o your choice. The main thing is that try using the fresh berries as the canned are not a very well option that you can afford. On the other hand you can also try having the juice of the berries with the cottage cheese, while the last and the most yummy option is that you can simply use the  low fat and low calories chocolate syrup with your bowl of cottage cheeses as it will give little pinch of the coffee like taste to you.

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