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3 Ways to Spice-Up a Healthy Meal

It can’t be denied that eating healthy foods will eventually take its toll on your palate. So for this blog post, I will provide you with some ways to spice up your healthy meal so that you wouldn’t think of deviating from your diet and consuming some of those mouth-watering foods that you’ve been missing.

So, basically, we will just be dealing with spices since that’s the easiest way to make your dish more interesting without adding unhealthy ingredients to the picture. Below are some of the ways to literally spice-up a healthy meal.

Buy Pre-Mixed Spices

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The advantage of buying pre-mixed spices is that you might get the mix of your favorite foods such as Tacos and Fajitas. If you incorporate that kind of seasoning into your food then it would be like eating the food that the seasoning was supposed to represent. It tricks your taste buds to let you enjoy a healthy but tasty meal.

Fry Spices

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This is not common knowledge but when you fry spices for a few seconds before you put in your vegetables, it enhances the flavor greatly as compared to adding them right after. Actually, it does not only enhance the flavors but it intensifies it making it more inviting to eat.

Know Your Spices

PostImage 3WaysToSpice KnowYourSpices - 3 Ways to Spice-Up a Healthy Meal

There will be spices that you will never be fond of. When you are cooking, try experimenting with the spices so that the next time you cook you will be able to take note which spices are appropriate for different dishes and which spices should you never work with ever again.

Actually, in addition to spices, knowing your acids won’t hurt too. With the right amount of citrus or a spoonful of vinegar, your dish might be even tastier. This is the reason why experimenting with your food is the best way to learn.